Human interest story for Haji Adan (An MPCA beneficiary).

Nuurey Bitow Hassan is a female beneficiary aged 45 years, living in Hillaac community of Dinsoor district with her eight children (5 male and 3 female) and husband. Nuurey was a pastoralist and lost her livestock 10 years ago, she was engaged in farming but no harvest received from the farm for the last several cropping seasons due to poor rains, desert locust infestation and crop diseases.

With financial support from FCDO, Nuurey is among the 245 households supported under the crises modifier multipurpose cash assistance for vulnerable households affected by the humanitarian crises in Dinsoor district on September 2020.

‘’I managed my family from the income I get from agricultural labour and fetching firewood for sale, I walked long distances to buy from unsafe areas so that the small income I get, can sustain my family” said Nuurey,“because food is cheaper there” she added.

‘’The situation was bad and food was extremely expensive to buy, I even worried to lose my children due to hunger” said Nuurey.

‘’I always left my home early morning and came back late evening, when I received 60usd monthly, I was excited and I stopped going to unsafe areas” said Nuurey. “The cash I got helped me feel safe and buy food from Dinsoor local market” she added.

‘’We thank GREDO and FCDO for their timely assistance, the communities were on the verge of a widespread displacement, and we are recovering from the shock that affected us” said Nuurey as she concluded her speech.


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