story of Haji Adan An MPCA beneficiary .

story of Haji Adan An MPCA beneficiary .

Haji Adan Osman, aged 80 years lives in Hillaac Community in Dinsoor district and is among the households affected by Dinsoor humanitarian crises of September 2020. His household is composed of eight members (4 male and 4 female).

With support from FCDO, Haji was registered as a recipient of the multipurpose cash transfers that targeted 245 households in Hillaac community. He is pastoral dropout who mainly depended on livestock and farming activity but affected by climate shocks. He has 2 hectares of land but has not been productive for several consecutive seasons due to poor rainfall amounts and locust infestation.

“We were in desperate situation for me and my family to survive, I was stressed too much and I planned to migrate either to Baidoa or Mogadishu to seek for assistance” said Haji, “but when I received the first 60USD, I rescheduled and remained home” he added.


“Prices of food became extremely high, even though I’m not able to do labour work, even my family members can’t access causal work because of the market disruptions,” said Haji. Haji received 60usd for three consecutive months, saying “our condition has changed and we were able to buy food, spend some cash in health, clothes and pay school fees for my children,” he added.


When asked his future plans, Mr. Haji said he invested in small business using MPCA he received and he intends to strengthen his small business. “Currently I’m making 1.5-2USD income per day from my small business he said’’ while happy.

“I am grateful for FCDO financial support; they stood with us during devastating time and gave the opportunity and hope to plan on my families future’’ he said.

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