Situational Report on the floods in Bardheere district, Gedo Region – Jubaland State of Somalia
25th March 2023 Prepared by GREDO Emergency Team (ERT).

11,799 households are living in the most affected areas in Bardheere

5550 households which is 40.04% of the total households in this locality have been affected by heavy rains

3650 households which is 30.93% of the total households in this locality have been displaced

Source: interview by GREDO staff to community leaders of the most affected areas Situational overview
Heavy rains received in Gedo region and other areas around the Ethiopian border over the last week resulted to a sharp rise in Juba river levels. Over the last 24 hours Bardheere station recorded heavy rainfall (92 mm) leading to significant flooding in the Bardheere town and surrounding areas. The river levels as reported this morning at Bardhere (9.00 m) and Dollow (5.14 m) surpass the high flood risk threshold for the two stations. These floods are reported to have caused significant destruction of property and farmlands. Over the last four days, the floods in Bardheere have caused a loss of 13 lives.

Source; SWALIM website link: Juba River Flood Advisory – Issued 24 March 2023

Priority needs
Jubaland Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management has confirmed the Immediate relief needs include food, water, shelter, and medical assistance to those affected by the floods which the ministry is committed in providing such assistance and called on humanitarian organizations and the international community to support the affected communities during this difficult time. A press release by the ministry on 23 March 2023.

Impact of the crisis by heavy rains
The district has experienced heavy rains for days past which affected the lives thousands of people. Thousands houses have been swept or destroyed by the massive floods leaving thousands of people displaced. Hundreds of business has been damaged by floods sweeping food storages from the local market. The floods have also resulted loses of human lives and injuries. Farm lands around the river bank have been destroyed and hundreds of livestock mostly goats and sheep has also been lost. Source GREDO staff interview and as well press release by SoDMA on 25th March 2023

GREDO which has presence in the district have asked its staff to do a quick assessment of the situation visiting the areas most affected for observation, have interviews with local authorities and community leaders of the most affected people. The staff managed to visit the most affected areas in the district which include Bullo Kulow, Bullo Kurman and Bullo Garas interviewed representatives of the affected persons. The most affected areas were close to seasonal valleys and were in law land areas which was the reason for the huge flooding. Bullo Kurman is the mostly effected area because most of the houses which are made of plastic and irons are located near the Kurman seasonal valley. Kurman bridge which was the main road used by the people in area collapsed resulting 9 people dead on 23 March 2023

GREDO team could not manage to secure time with local authorities for interviews due to their coordination meetings in response to the crisis.
The team succeeded in managing to sit and speak with village leaders of the most affected areas which include Bullo Kulow, Bullo Kurman, Bullo Garas and Xawal Cadey below is a summary of their findings in the visited location;

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