Annual Report – 2014

2 Gargaar Relief and Development Organization – Annual Report 2014
Table of Contents
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ORGANIZATIONAL SHAPING ………………………………………………………………………..7
ORGANIZATIONAL STRENGTHS ……………………………………………………………………7
OUR OUTREACH IN 2014……………………………………………………………………………..7
PROGRAM FUNDING FOR 2014 ………………………………………………………………….15
PARTNERS/DONORS AS AT 31ST DECEMBER 2014…………………………………………16
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List of Acronyms

GREDO Gargaar Relief and Development Organization.
OTP Outpatient Therapeutic Programme.
NRC Norwegian Refugee Council.
WASH Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
SCI Save the Children International
FAO Food and Agricultural Organization.
IYCF Infant and Young Child Feeding
CNV Community Nutrition Volunteers
FSL Food Security and Livelihoods
HP Hygiene Promotion
CFW Cash For Work
IDPs Internally Displaced Persons
PLW Pregnant and Lactating Women
YEP Youth Education Pack.
CNV Community Nutritional Volunteer
BSNP Basic Nutrition surface passage

Word from the Executive Director
This Annual report gives a summary of the
significant highlights of the activities and
achievements of GREDO Organization. Year
2014 has been prolific for our organization.
This Annual report gives a summary of the
significant highlights of the activities and
achievements of GREDO Organization. Year
2014 has been prolific for our organization.
I would like to take this opportunity to express
my sincere thanks to our development partners:
government bodies, donor agencies,
communities and the individuals for their
continued supports and cooperation to bring
the required changes in the lives and livelihoods
of the local community in our GREDO’s areas of
operations in SCZ Somalia. I do similarly our
heartfelt gratitude towards the staffs of GREDO
working at field, district and regional and at the
main office in Baidoa main town for their hard
works and making things happen as per plans
working with communities, regional
government bodies and development partners.
I am grateful towards all the stakeholders for
their contributions for having trust and patience
in achieving the goals and objectives of the
Mr. Alinur Ali Aden.
Executive Director.

GREDO at glance is a local humanitarian organization focusing in
supporting the most vulnerable groups of the population in Somalia
through provision of sustainable and rational humanitarian support.
GREDO is dedicated to the restoration of community livelihoods
through improvement in the areas of WASH, Health, Nutrition,
Education, Food Security and Shelter.
GREDO was founded in 1992 by a group of intellectuals and well
wishers with the aim to respond to the famous 1992 drought in
Baidoa main town to reach the most affected grass-root communities
in Bay and Bakool regions effectively and efficiently. The initiative is
dedicated to the survival of the most vulnerable group of the
population through immediate emergency responses and long-term
developmental intervention for self-sustainability.
What we do:
GREDO is dedicated to assist and improve the lives of vulnerable
communities and IDPs. Our primary mandate is to support and
increase assistance to the communities we serve as humanitarian
organization, with short term emergency interventions and long term
developmental ones.
GREDO responds to the humanitarian crisis through provision of basic
primary health care, addressing malnutrition; Safe clean drinking
water, access to better livelihoods, proper shelter and access to
quality education.
Governance of the organization:
GREDO’s Board of Directors consists of seven persons who govern the
organization. Board and ordinary members believe and fulfill their
role and responsibilities on voluntarily basis. The smooth running of
the organization activities, the origination’s by- laws guide the board
and members.
The by- laws clarify the role and responsibilities of each member of
the organization. The by- laws is developed and approved by the NOG
Board of Directors and members. It is a loving document, which can
be amended when deemed necessary. Besides the by- laws GREDO
has its own policies & procedures covering the 7 areas of the
organizational development. This includes; Governance, Management
Practice, Human Resource, financial Management, Service Delivery,
External Relation and Sustainability of programs (benefits). GREDO
has also written and functional strategic plan.
Vision Statement:
Reach improved livelihood conditions of the target
communities living with prosperity, self-reliance, sustainable
peace, democracy and respect of human rights.
Mission Statement:
Enhance the living standard of the societies to self-reliance
and prosperity through provision of relief and development
support, and promotion of the local capacities to address
their needs in transparent and participative approaches.

Organization’s core values: Respect

Transparency & accountability

6 Gargaar Relief and Development Organization – Annual Report 2014
GREDO Areas of Operation. PROGRAMME AREAS:
Agriculture and Livelihood:
GREDO provides agricultural and an integrated support to farmer/
communities in order to enhance their livelihoods.
GREDO works in the provision of safe water and sanitation facilities to
communities; and empower the community in the promotion of good
hygiene practices.
GREDO provides basic primary health care access services for the
young infant children, pregnant and lactating mother. It will also to
increase the awareness of the community towards HIV/AIDS and STDs
through training and media channels and to contribute to the
prevention and control of communicable diseases
GREDO provides systematic treatment of acutely malnourished
children and pregnant and lactating women by having access to and
utilizing quality services for the management of acute malnutrition;
and it also expansion of women’s and children’s access to evidencebased and feasible nutrition and nutrition-related services available
through the use of the basic nutrition services package;
GREDO provide initiative opportunities to the children aged 4-5 years,
rehabilitate schools and basic primary education for children aged 6-
12 years. Particular attention will be given the participation of girls
and vulnerable kids intends to provide education curriculum and
teaching materials.
Operation areas:
Banadir region.
Bay region.
Bakool region.
Lower Shabele region.
Peace Building and Human Rights:
Conduct advocacy in peace building and human rights, hold
workshops, rallies on peace building to ensure the community
engages in peace building activities. GREDO will document all human
rights abuses against youth, women and children in the database of
GREDO’s human rights archives.
Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Protection and Resettlement:
GREDO closely works with internally displaced persons (IDPs),
addressing their basic protection needs such as food security, shelter,
education and resettlement.
Institutional Capacity building:
GREDO carries out an institutional capacity building for CSOs/CBOs,
local authorities and governmental bodies through conducting
workshops and training on good governance and peace initiatives.
Economic Development:
To support the needy in economic development through the provision
of skills training and development of infrastructure to enhance the
ability of communities to produce goods and social services for their
respective communities
Area of operation. GREDO operates in and covers four regions in SC
of Somalia- namely Bay, Bakool, Banadir and Lower Shabelle with its
strong vision, mission and core values. In 2012, GREDO expanded its
reach outside the Somali borders, and legally registered a regional
coordination and support office in Nairobi, Kenya.
8 Gargaar Relief and Development Organization – Annual Report 2014
Strategic Planning 2014 – 2018.
Three-day workshop held on 18th to 20th March 2014 at Dayah Hotel,
Mogadishu, Somalia formed the core of the process conceptualizing
this strategy. This was followed by a series of GREDO management
staff discussions with the facilitating consultant over several Plan
drafts to arrive at the Final version for formal approval by the GREDO
Board of Directors.
A hired third party consultancy firm based in Nairobi named
(Maer Associates (MAER) facilitated the strategic Planning.
The preparation process was a more consultative one and
involved various stakeholders of: –
Partners i.e. (CONCERN, NRC and SCI).
Review of reference documents like GREDO constitution,
organization profile, policies and past M&E reports among
Meetings with GREDO SMT, Partners’ line managers
GREDO’s organizational strength lies within the skills,
knowledge and experiences of its member organizations.
Sound vibrant and dynamic BOD and managing team.
Dedicated experienced members and volunteers.
Two Fully equipped office in Baidoa and Mogadishu.
Support of well-wishers like renowned lecturers, doctors,
teachers and professionals, etc.
Good working relationship with the funding partners/agency.
GREDO develops strategic plan for every 5 years

SN Programme Area Beneficiaries reached
2 FSL – Food Security and Livelihood 11,100
3 Education 185
4 Health 72953
5 WASH (Water and Sanitation) 7,000
6 SHELTER 1400
7 TOTAL 102,068


Name of the project:
Project District:
Funding Partner / Donor:
SNS Project {Strengthening! Nutrition! Security}
Baidoa District – Bay region

Project Summary: Nutrition intervention, which closely works with Health and WASH is one of the key
component of an integrated project which is support by SCI (Save the Children International) through the funding
of DFID under a joint / consortium SNS {Strengthening Nutrition Security}, The SNS project is a long term one of 4 years
period with key partners of SCI, CONCERN, ACF and Oxfam.
Major Achievements during reporting period
In the OTP during the year 2014 SCI / GREDO Nutrition team had admitted 3,755 where 2,259 were female and 1,496 were
male, We have cured 2,987 where 1,607 were female and 1,380 were male, 55 was send to SC we had 3 dead, no supply
break during the year 2014.
In the TSFP during the year 2014 SCI / GREDO Nutrition team had admitted 4,495 where 2,248 were female and 2,047 were
male we have cured 4260 where 2318 were female and 1942 were male.
Pregnant and lactating woman (PLW) admitted were 1553 and cured 1415, three Month of TSFP supply break during the
year 2014.
Conduct internal several trainings like: –
1. Community Nutritional Volunteer
2. Basic Nutrition Service Passage
3. Infant and young Child Breastfeeding
4. Communication Capacity Building Training
5. SMART Survey training twice a year.

10 Gargaar Relief and Development Organization –
Major Achievements during reporting period
125 students at the YEP are being trained on various skills through the
support of NRC under the funding of UNCEF.
50 Beneficiaries /students (42 female and 8 male) youth
members are being trained on Tailoring.
40 female Beneficiaries members are being trained on Beauty
15 male Beneficiaries youth members are being trained on
20 male Beneficiaries youth members are being trained on
60 students in a second round admission are trained on the various skills
through the support of NRC under the funding of UNHCR.
10 female Beneficiaries are being trained on Tailoring.
20 female Beneficiaries are being trained on Beauty saloon.
20 male Beneficiaries are being trained on Carpentry.
10 male Beneficiaries are being trained on Plumbing

Annual Report 2014

Name of the project:
Project District:
Funding Partner / Donor:
EDUCATION: YEP Project {Youth Education Pack}.
Baidoa Main town – Bay region
and UNHCR.

Project Summary: The Education sector had components of (Informal Education system and vocational skill
trainings), GREDO with the support of NRC run a YEP – Youth Education Pack center in Baidoa
main town which had over the past two years had provided a platform and access to education
IDPs and Host community in Baidoa.


Name of the project:
Project District:
Funding Partner / Donor:
Livelihood projects {CFW and Farm Inputs Distribution}.
Baidoa District – Bay region.

Project Budget: The food security sector of GREDO organization comprises of projects that included various FSL aspects i.e. CFW, farm
inputs distribution and capacity building program for the local farmers that covered in various districts like Baidoa/Bardalle district in Bay
region and Afgooye & Wanlaweyn districts in Lower Shabelle region of Somalia. The FSL are funded by UN-FAO and support from NRC through
the funding of UNHCR.
Major Achievements during reporting period
72 communal infrastructure (Water catchments) had been
rehabilitated over the FSL projects implementation.
7,182 HHs have got access to job creations activities through the
CFW projects.
668 key representatives from the villages support with CWF had
received trainings on the effective management and preservation of
the rehabilitated water catchments.
2,250 HHs supported with farm inputs (Seeds) in lower shabele
region in two seasons cycle of Gu and Deyr seasonal in 2014.
Effectively supervised the rehabilitation of tow strategic canals in
Lower Shabele at Afgooye and Awdedhle (ISKASHATO and MUUDI
canals) which was directly implemented by a third party private
company which was contracted by UN-FAO.
40 FO (Farmer Organization) key representatives were trained value
chain management in Afgooye.
1,000 farmers from 4 FO (each 250) were trained on Farmers field
school (FFS) trainings.
Case study.
Mr. Qaadi xuseen 49
years from Buulo-Jaay village had been a
member of the CFW phase IV, he is household head for a family of
Qaadi is a farmer and spends of his time at the farms. “I had
been a victim of the recurrent droughts and lost some cattle and
goats but all that I had remained with is my farm which I inherited
from my dad, I used to work on other farms as a casual labour and
at times mine as means of earning but fortunately; I am lucky to be
part of the CFW program at my village where I get paid good wage
less working hours as compared to my previous casual work” he

12 Gargaar Relief and Development Organization – Annual Report 2014
Family Story.
Xaawo cilmi isaq, 32 years
and her 4 children were displaced by the conflict from her original village where she went to Mogadishu for better
access to life and she spent there for a year and half during the 2012-13. She could hardly stand for the hardship life style at the IDP camps and
opted to come back home. At the eve of her return she sought shelter with fellow relatives as her locally made {Mundul} hut was in very bad
shape to shelter it. “When we were displaced we came with almost nothing, but the CFW opportunity we received from GREDO/FAO mean that I
can work and provide food for my family.” Xaawo lives at Lanbuule villages where is worked as the CFW project beneficiary.

Name of the project:
Project District:
Funding Partner / Donor:
Health project.
Baidoa District – Bay region.

Project Budget: Providing sustainable primary health care is GREDO main focus thus contributing the reduction
of excess mortality and morbidity, emergency health care provision for drought and conflict affected vulnerable
households, including under five year children, pregnant and lactating women through emergency health and
Nutrition & WASH in Bay and Bakol regions in south Somalia
Major Achievements during reporting period
A Total of 72,953 of beneficiaries were provided basic free health services
from January – December 2014, as our target population is 60,000 people.
A Total of 29,427 of the consultation were < 5 year children while the
targeted were 22,166.
5445 cases of targeted disease of <5yr children were treated, 3896 of the
cases were diarrheal diseases, 1311 were pneumonia and 238 malaria cases
while 2704 of under one year were immunized against Measles.
A total number of 12,525 pregnant and lactating women received antenatal
/ postnatal care as the targeted was 5542 and 1111 of normal deliveries
were conducted by skilled birth attendance 198 of them at health facilities
and 913 at home deliveries while 2356 of pregnant women were
immunization against tetanus. A Total number of children (1 year
vaccinated different antigens are; BCG =1153 PENT1=1435,PENT2=957,
PENT3= 860 and Measles =2979. FULLY immunization children
(1year=829 children.

14 Gargaar Relief and Development Organization – Annual Report 2014

Name of the project:
Project District:
Funding Partner / Donor:
Water Sanitation and Hygiene {WASH} project.
Baidoa District – Bay region.

Project Summary: Our WASH program diversely covers in strengthening the general water, sanitation and hygiene
gaps among the local community that we serve, GREDO WASH components includes construction of sanitation facilities /
latrines, rehabilitation of strategic water points {Boreholes, shallows, underground tanks and rain water catchments}, The
promotion of proper hygiene practice and established sustainable community capacity building in water resources management
through Water, Environment and Sanitation (WES trainings.
Major Achievements during reporting period.
Rehabilitated 1 main borehole in Bardale district in Bay region.
6 RWC {Rain Water Catchments} were rehabilitated.
20 shallow wells rehabilitated in Baidoa and Bardale districts.
616 latrines constructed in Baidoa district (Baidoa main town/IDPs,
outlaying targeted villages and Bardale district).
17 WES committee members were trained.
3 hygiene promotion campaigns conducted in Baidoa main town and
IDP camps.
Constructed concretely re-inforce water tanks for Hanano II IDP camp
in Baidoa.
Distributed 1,104 emergency hygiene kits in Baioda main town.
Chlorinated 28 shallow wells in Baidoa main town in response to
AWD cases.
Conducted 3 WASH assessments and baseline survey in Baidoa and
Bardale districts.


Name of the project: SHELTER. Emergency response on the living condition of IDPs affected by
conflicted and drought population through provision of transitional shelters

Baidoa District – Bay region.
Project District:
Funding Partner / Donor:
Project Summary: The projects of 1,160 shelter construction in Baidoa main town IDPs has positively impacted

on the lives of the project target beneficiaries who were living under poor condition in terms of housing facilities most of
the IDPs, they were living under old dilapidated houses made off old worn-out clothes, cartoon, the shelter project
impacted dignities of the project beneficiaries especially the young girls ,women who are more vulnerable for all forms of
gender base violence’s [GBV].
Major Achievements during
reporting period.
Constructed 500 transitional
shelters at Baidoa IDP camps
supported by NRC through DFID
Constructed 660 transitional
shelters at Baidoa IDP camps
supported by NRC through CHF
Distributed 300 NFI kits at Bardaale
district in Bay region.

16 Gargaar Relief and Development Organization – Annual Report 2014
Statement of finance position as at 31st December 2014
Program funding for 2014
Program activities

18 Gargaar Relief and Development Organization – Annual Report 2014
Contact us for more details.
Physical address:
Main office Baidoa:
Ideeda – via Mogadishu road,
near NRC Baidoa office /
Support Office
KM4 Wadajir District.
Support Office – Kenya
Nairobi-Kenya: 2nd Floor Jamia Plaza – Kigali
P.O. Box 10477-00100 Nairobi:
Kenya: Mobile: +254 722547722
Somalia: +252-61-5527013 / +252-61-5557688
Email: /

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