GREDO 30 Anniversary

Gargaar Relief and Development Organization (GREDO), is a national humanitarian and development organization operates in the south and central Somalia and established in December 1992.
In 25th February 2023, GREDO celebrated it’s 30th anniversary.

Over the 30 years of humanitarian and live saving programing in Somalia, in collaboration with and funding from over 50 partnership  and donors, GREDO reached 0ver 9 million people across south-central Somalia through Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Food Security and Livelihoods, Protection, Safeguarding, infrastructure development and peace building., implemented over 165 projects in over 25 districts and hundreds of villages and sub villages in urban and rural areas.

GREDO 30 Anniversary on 25th of February 2023 was a full day big event. the event components are the followings:

Part One:

  1. Welcoming and Introductory speech by GREDO Executive Director. Mr. Alinur Ali Aden.
  2. Official event opening speech by deputy parliament speaker of the Southwest State of Somalia.
  3. A civil society representative
  4. Private sector representative
  5. Community representative
  6. Elders representative
  7. key speakers from the national NGO top officials
  8. Key speakers of international NGO to officials
  9. Members of the Southwest State cabinet,
  10. A representative from the Somalia Federal Parliament

Part Two

GREDO 30 years achievements Documentary presentation

Part Three.   

Lunch and Player break.

Part Four

Panel discussion about the recurrent droughts in Somalia and the best solutions.

Part Five


Part Six

panel discussion about GREDO’s next plan

Part Seven


  1. Best service provider
  2. Best community member
  3. Best departments of GREDO and Best Employees.        



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