Fadumo Ali Yire is 34 years old pregnant mother with 8 children, Fadumo was one of the people displaced from a village called Bilale near Dinsor district of Bay region and lived in a nomadic culture full of old traditional beliefs. Ever since she started breastfeeding her babies, she used to breastfeed them only with her left breast as her entire family does.

Faduma was fortunate enough to participate in an awareness campaign that GREDO Organisation was conducting in the IDP camp and met with Zahra (IYCF counselor). Zahra discovered the breastfeeding background of Fadumo which was not new to many, as this is a traditional practice in many villages around Dinsor.

Faduma was instructed to attend IYCF sessions and she benefited from all IYCF sessions including the Role of IYCF in Child growth, essentials of Breastfeeding, essentials of Complementary Feeding, and exclusive breastfeeding importance of colostrum.

She got good psychological support for herself and continues advice toward breastfeeding. She fully understood what IYCF counselors advised her and continued to attend IYCF sessions toward breastfeeding and got full breastfeeding support.

Faduma attended many sessions given by IYCF counselors, and was explained that both breasts are identical and produce the same amount of milk, she was also convinced that the milk of both breasts is biologically identical, and these ancient traditional practices have no place in the religion and health science.

On 8th February 2022, Fatuma gave birth at GREDO health center, and for the first time on the same day she breastfed her baby with both breasts as promised.

“My mother breastfed me only with the left breast and her mother breastfed her only with the left breast all the way back to the founding of our people we were only sucked on the left breast, I am the first person in our family who breastfeed her baby with her own two breasts. This story has become very popular in our family and all in the IDP camp and everyone was waiting for what will happen to the baby who was breastfed on the right breast.” Said Faduma.

“My baby is now healthy and healthier than other children of his age. I hope this event will serve as a reminder to those who still believe in my past myths. Thanks to GREDO and Save The Children International.” Faduma Concluded.

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