Gredo ensures that through its programming

  1. In-depth Conflict Analysis:  is carried out to get to know the root causes of conflict with communities leading the process
  2. Dialogue facilitation:  GREDO supports communities to have genuine talk and creates environment conducive to defusing existing conflicts and proactively addressing any potential conflict by supporting traditional system as well educating communities law of the land.  GREDO highly encourages inclusivity of peace building and reconciliation by ensuring all different groups are given opportunity to be part of the process and have voice.
  3. Systems and Structures establishment: To sustain any peace development and circumvent any future conflict GREDO supports community to establish structures and set up committees to manage community facilities, resources and other life events.
  4. Trust Building and Resilience:  GREDO supports any act that can help communities build and have resilience to bounce back from past incidents through transparent resources, aid and development programs sharing.

Peace Building & Conflict Resolution

Peace is vital and is one aspect of life that is all livings require the most (Nebadaa Naas Le nuugo leh). After over decades of civil and proxy wars Somali people are thirsty for peace and stability. In consideration of community needs to have genuine reconciliation and systematic approach to avoid creating any new conflict GREDO streamlines peace building and reconciliation on all programmatic interventions