Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) Project

Project Name: Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) Project,
Funding Partner: SCI/BHA,
Location: Baidoa District.

The proposed project seeks to implement child sensitive social protection activities targeting poor and vulnerable IDP households in Hargeisa and Baidoa. The main component of the project is regular cash transfers in the form of child grants with complementary activities for enhancing sensitivity towards child nutrition, education and protection. The project will target 750 households with a minimum of two children who are aged five years and below. It is estimated that the project works directly with approximately 5,990 children and indirectly with 6,992 other members of the 750 targeted households. An estimated 122,863 people will benefit indirectly.

Each of the 300 targeted household in Hargeisa will receive USD 20 for 48 months. The additional 150 households in Hargeisa and 300 households in Baidoa will receive USD 20 for 22 months, from the time a proposed top-up would kick-off to the end of the project. The child grant cash transfers in Hargeisa will continue to be led by the government of Somaliland; whereas the new child grant transfers in Southern States will be implemented in close coordination with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Mogadishu as currently there is a huge interest in using such pilots to inform the design of future safety net, and social protection systems. This will be accompanied by interventions to strengthen government capacity to design and implement social protection frameworks and programmes. The project recognizes that cash transfer on its own is not necessarily sufficient to ensure that targeted children have positive outcomes around nutrition, education and protection issues, which is why the project focuses on the “child sensitivity” component in addition to the cash transfer. The child sensitivity component will implement behaviour change communication interventions to improve knowledge, attitude and practice on child nutrition, education and protection; improving the delivery of basic services which are key to realising the outcomes intended by the “child grant” besides also having an operational research component aimed at building evidence on how the CSSP approach can lead to improved outcomes of cash transfer programs such as the “child grant” on the nutrition, education and protection of children.
Impact level: Overall Objective
Child poverty trends in across Somalia and Somaliland show reduced deprivation and vulnerability among children of IDP households
Outcome level: Specific Objective
Improved wellbeing of children in the most deprived and marginalized target IDP households in the CSSP project area
Output level: Outputs from main activities
Output 1: The most deprived and marginalized IDP children and their households in project target areas have access to the “child grant”
Output 2: Enhanced sensitivity towards children’s needs and rights among parents/caregivers receiving the child grant
Output 3: Improved access to basic services which are critical to the child grant in the CSSP project area
Output 4: CSSP recognized as a “valuable approach” for developing the national social protection framework, policy and programmes in Somaliland and the Southern States of Somalia.

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